h 0/m e (a) i.d. ~ ew/e i.d.


ok, i came to this intersection, i believe it is in between saco & biddeford, (maine) and the sight ... t- (0-) work- t-s-

that building / church seems to have straight up barn influences, knights of the round table "stone" 1/2 crescent, an ornate, can we say 'gothic' (dark ages) round glass inspired window, and an art deco black and gold clock on a spire from ... does it honestly matter e-(e-) f- x- f- (b-) uck- tu- be- (e-) f-x-f- (t-) a- (i-) r- e- d-

some "modern" twist on the old "nuevo" windows with flare over the king arthur stone work 1/2 crescent shield - e/b- (i-) t- heir- e- d- (s-) 0- w/-( a-r-) e- d-d- (h-)(bu-) e- ye- (i-) t- he- re- d- s- qua- r/r- e- (ye-) d- - (g-) ew/e- (re-) d-

((does any body look out heir (d) 0 w/a re AD ~ ew/e i.d.))

the "sight" with the additional intersection skewed to land- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- (h-) aLL- (D-)(h-) 0-ve- re- vain- (d-)(g-)(s-) ew/e- (re-) d-

-0-m-g- oh, and a land mark / man on a statute, you know, staring at this mess. my fuck. seriously, i didn't know what to visually make of it. & is that little cemetary markers "t-0-0-" ?-

my fuck, who makes this mess - (t-) up- t-

first time being here, on this "intersection" , on this "square" and i am resoundly hit with w-t-f- happend h- ere -

happend- he- (a-) re- (a-) t- heir- e- d- (s-) 0- w/-(a-r-) e- d- e/b- (i-) t- 0/0- L- (b-) e- (n-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d-

no promise, except to prostitute ye w/e i.d. e/b- (i-) t- (h-) rue - w/e- (re-) d- (s-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- t- (L-) 0- A- (n-) D- (g-) ew/e- (re-) D-

put as many words on top of donkey as you want, that you have already altar - e- d/d- (h-) e- ye- (i-d-) g-g- 0- t- 0ff- La- w/e- t- 0/0- t- (h-) e/n- (d-) 0ugh- t- (u-) b- (r-) 0ugh- t- 0ff- (t-)(b-) aLL- (D-) 0/t- (b-) 0/0- t- (b-) 0- s/s- (L-) 0- t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d- (j-) u-d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d-

ye-we- are not the value w/e i.d. for prostituting the value w/e i.d. - (j-) 0- b- e/e f-x-f -0-'r -(k-) t - (h-) rue w/e- (L/L-) i.d.- (h-) i.d. -ew/e -i.d. - (0-) f- (t-) 0- (0-) L- (D-) (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d-


"lisa's" comfy emotions for no reason t-hie-ven-d-

f- 0-r- (k-) t- (n0-) re- ass- (h-) 0/n- e- (ye-) at- hie-ven- (d-) (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- are based solely on killing my time n d (h) in (e/e) d (h) i'm e i.d.

s-he- never thought

t h (b) 0ugh t 0ff t/h u e w/e i.d.

s-he- would rather kill my time i.d. so she can have comfy emotions for no reason -e- (a-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d-


debt- (b-) u-s- h- (e-)a- re- d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d-

s-he- can only bring you stupid debt to share with ye-we- (t-) ass - (ta-) f-x-f- (L-) 0/0- D-

s-he- doesn't want proficiency e (a)

t 0 r (h) e all at e n (t/h) debt 0/0 t/h (in) d (kn) ew/e i.d.

"she" only saught - 0/0- t-he- tu- be- (a-) d- (b-) a- r/r- (h-) e- a- r/r- e- (d-) s- t- (e-) a- r- e- d- e/b- (i-) t- (b-) a- (re- g-) gain- (d-) (h-) ad- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d-

c- he- ap- (t-) ass- (k-) t- called roger after i collected my tools, and saught to meet with lisa about what she said i said, but didn't. and wouldn't hear me out. cheap- ass- k-t- called roger to bloviate on him with her false emotions again, that she would "call the police" etc on me, and my dog in the car. roger commented he was so _______ of the drama. point is, roger was a police officer. & he is an upstanding citizen to this constant lying - 0- dip- s- (h-) i/t-

we are trying to do our best here. lisa just wants to stand in the w/- he- ye- (a-) t-

lisa didn't provide the way, the w/ (h) e ye i.d. e/b t 0/d (0ff) at (bu) e ye (i) t & doesn't care to take her - (e-) ass - (k-) t- 0/0- t- hie- ven- d- (s-) p-r- 0- (0-) f- (i-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d- any e w/(h) e re (a) d h (ea.ven) d (kn) ew/e i.d.

seriously "lady" serious lie there is no where ye-we- provided me t 0/d ew/e i.d. including with -e- ye- w/e- (re-) d-

serious-ly- lady w-t-f- (b-) uck- t- h- (r-) e- ad- e/b- t- (b-) a- g- i-ve- (i-) t- (h-) ass- (m-) u- c-he- ad- 0- (f-) t- a- get- 0ff- t- h- (b-) 0ugh- t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d-

you are not jesus muse (i.d. e/b) t- (b-) ass- k- (r-?-) ew/e- (re-?-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d-

ye-we- only seek to com-man- (d-)(g-) ew/e- (re-) d- stealing value from the value makers (m) u s/s (t) e i.d. h- a- (n-) d- (h-) 0/n- (L-) e- (ye-) i-d- (g-) i-ve- (i-) t- 0- w/- (h-) 0-r- (e-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- (j-) 0- b- (e-d-) serve- (re-) d-

ironically, i don't even believe in jesus. i do believe in being my word. as my worth. to work it 0/0 t (h) ass (t) u (r) fxf t h and i do understand, with the filth that comes out of your mouth- e- h- a- (n-) d- 0/u- (be-) t- 'jesus' by & buy e (i.d.) g/g 's us t is kn 0/t (y) 0ur (h) e value w/e (L/L) i.d. e/b (i) t (h) ass m 0/u (n) t ~ h (a) d (h) 0 ve i.d.

t heir is kn 0/t L(D) 0 ve i.d. (0) between - d- ye- w/e- (re-) d-

ye- w/e- make false emotions with false devotion that ye-we- only c- a- r/r- e- (ye-) d- e/b- (i-) t- heir- e- d- (s-) 0- w/- (a-r-) e- d- (b-) i/t- he- re- d- e/b- (i-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d- (b-) serve- (re-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- 0f- (t-) 0-r - (k-) t- (b-) u/n- (d-) ew/e- (re-) d-

you know, it is like, be a cop or be a chump - c- (h-) u/m- p- (f-) 0-r- (k-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- , you know "CHOOSE "

"choose" how you would like to be lisa's f- 0/0- d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d-

to recycle - (a-) t- (h-) e/n- (d-)(kn-) ew/e- (re-) d- (j-) u-d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d-

there is no grace in serving lisa's f- a- ce- d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (h-ass- p-) 0- w/- (h-) e- (re-) d- d- (h-)(b-) i/t- heir- e- d- (s-) 0- w/- (a-r-) e- dud- (s-) e- w/e- (re-) d- e/b- t- (a-b-) e- am- (e-) u-s-e- (re-) d-

this person's "serious" "perfect whims" were / are difficult to work for, compounded by the fact, when you understand she didn't care to sell perfection e ve (in)n d

which is then to understand, her "whole" emotions is to make chump- (f-) 0/0- d-

she didn't sell innocents, and cries she is innocent aka makes a scene - vain- t- (b-) e- L/L- (h-) e- (ye-) ad- 0f- (r-) e/e- d- e/b- (i-) t- 0/0- t- he- me- an- (d-) s- (t-) e- w/e- (re-) d-

without ever being (L) in/n t 0 w/h 0/d

mating different "nationalities" only brought - (a-b-) 0-r- t- (h-) ass- (n-) 0-r- (e-) t- (h-) in- (e/e-) d- (i-) s- (h-) 0-r- (e-) t- (ch-) rue- w/e- (re-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d-


s- (t-) up- i-d-

s-he- is- t- is not a 'nice lady' : she is not nice t 0/m (b) e (i) d


s (p) 0/t 0/n e

c L e (a) v e r ~ (h) e AD ~ ew/e i.d.

trying to steal my love of self without providing 0/d (s) 0/m e i.d. ~ e/b t (h) ass (ta) fxf e/e (L/L) D ~ ew/e i.d.

interesting that my value to be holistic in mind and body together, t-he-ye- (i-d-) seek to separate my value w/e i.d. s- (L-) 0- t- he- ye- i-d- can pretend they each hall and have i.d. h a (L/L) ve i.d. my value without ever giving my value back t 0/0 L (e) ass (k) t ~ (h) e ad e/p t (h) rue w/e (L/L) i.d. ~ (h) id. e w/e i.d.

again the co-up-le- (a-) d- didn't ever do honest work, nor wear the working worth to be g/g (r)(h) in/n (d) (kn) ew/e i.d. h and

this value w/e i.d. is not the co-up- le- (d-) g/g- e- (n-) d- s- value w/e i.d.

to x

(by & bu e ye i.d.)

t (0) w/h 0/d h an (d)(kn) ew/e i.d.

i am speaking and seating simultaneously for 2 people (a) d (g) ew/e r (h) e AD ~ ew/e i.d. h (ea.ven) d (kn) ew/e i.d.

the ass - (p-) i- re- d- co-up- le- (d-) g- e- vain- d- (h-) i-d- (bu-) e- ye- (a-) t- hie-ven- (d-)(g-) ew/e- (re-) d- (s-) ew/e- (re-) d- do not have a value w/e i.d. to hand ye w/e (L/L) i.d. (j) 0 be (a) t (h) rue w/e (L/L) i.d. ~ (h) i.d. e w/e i.d. e/b t (h)(c)(c ~ L) ass (t) e L/L (h) D (s) 0 w/ (h) a L/L (e) D ~ ew/e i.d.


catalog of templates / experience, spotting the red herring


enabler's - t- (a-) bu- (i-) L/L- (e-ye-i-) D- (i-) s- (h-) i/t- (ch-) 0/0- t- he- re- (d-) s- (t-) 0- r- e- (ye-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d-


"aka" getting naked to your stupidity was all that was, all that ever was "all-tar" "r-ed/dy"

re- (a-) d/d- (h-) e- ye- i-d- at "stake" t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d- (g-)(s-us-) ew/e- (re-) d-

ye-we- (re-) d- never save i.d. ew/e i.d.

never (h) a ve i.d. ew/e i.d.

never s (h) ave i.d. ew/e i.d.


car feed back : diagnostic test , code suggest cylinder 3 and 4 and random were miss firing. head gasket test (no combustion gas in needle system). ignition system, think it is spark plugs 'hanging on by a thread' and look very old and like they need to be replaced, also #2 coil couple of wires don't belong in there / under the hood, wants to investigate as they were spliced and wrapped with electrical tape, and that is not the proper way, especially with something open to corrosion : i said to look. & thanked him for his insightfulness & expressed more than happy to be one step ahead of (car) failure with feedback.

called kevin in saco at the german autobody shop, asked how much they were charging me on a 4 cylinder, and he said that was too much : made me feel bad.

anyway, the light went on when i was in town, and stopped at the place that does my inspection, and asked what the light on my dash board means ... and was able to leave the car this morning, and walk home.

kevin says, changing spark plugs shouldn't require you to leave the car overnight :(

i should probably work for / with kevin at some point, so i know better what to do.

anyway, he said to call with future car care

funny, i think, i priced out earlier today, the cost of eddm to the places i want to send them, and it is about the same price, as the diagnostic test and spark plugs replacement.

other feedback : it is taking me all day to upload these 2 videos ... did footwork yesterday per jobs, and did fingerwork today. the fiasco of "relatedness" with roger and tate, and "fresh coat paint" & their pot hole customers - (t-) 0- w/- (h-) e- (re-) d- (b-) a- r- e- d- , is quickly receding & in this place of new future, not working for company's make me bang my head against artificially capacity in b- (r-) e- (a-) d- , strictly from a painting in the trades perspective ... i have sussed companies that work on a higher (client) level. so this down time, forecasting a good review of future possibilities that engage my interest, as i can sense the value of the presentation, the depth of capacity, the expectations of job performance ...

there is a feeling of, well, all the duress for truly working for someone only posturing to (but can't) impress (t) and doesn't care to take time to learn their craft, their apparently in business for, and can't truly set any one up to succeed with them in their business... b.c. they don't understand how to value value, & can't see their stupid self in t-he- t-(p-) a- in-t- ...

to have a little space from this, from all ways trying to save "the stupid" you know, having to "have the faith," you know, that " i can (all ways "should" b.c. i only have out- (p-) rig- ht- donkey to work with) make this better with communication" ... it is just nice to jump "ship" s- (h-) i- (p-) t- and from having to orient my self to "now" in that con- (t-) e- x- t- h- a- (n-) d- assume as my unspoken job, that i am undervalued as a teacher of value and a resource to produce good works, by and buy working worth, - and- e/b- (i-) to make bu-(i-) L/L- (e- ye- i-) D- (i-) s- (h-) i/t- (0-) work- t-

it is nice to feel a space, & understand the unfit duress of being dinged by stupid, my god, just so nice. i'm looking so f 0'r e (ad 0) w/a r (h) e AD ~ ew/e i.d.

i am just looking for reward, it is just a feeling of optimism in this frank stupidity :

all- (h-)(d-) 0-ve- (r-) t- (c-) he- a- p/p-(a-) L/L- a- ce- d- (e/b-t-) 0-f-x-f- a- c- (e-) t- 0/0- t- he- r/r- e/e-L- (D-)(h-) at- (bu-) e- ye- (a-) t- heir- e- d- (s-) 0-w/-(a-r-) e- d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d- (s-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- t- (L-) 0-A-(n-) D- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d-

tit is just a feeling of optimism that is in me and i can't shake. i am happy to be myself and happy to wear this value ass (0) w/e L/L (h) D ~ ew/e i.d.


s u r/r (h) e/n d (h) e r e


p i/n e c 0/n e

(s) p i/n e c 0/n e

s (p) i/n e c 0/n e


L-0- C-u- s/s- (t-) 0- me- r/r- e- (ye-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (b-) a- gain- (d-)(g-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- t- (b-) a-r- e- (d-) g- at-he- re- (d-) p- r- 0- (0-) f- (i-) t-


L-0- C-u- s/s- (t-) 0- me- r/r- e- (ye-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (b-) a- gain- (d-)(g-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- t- (b-) a-r- e- (d-) g- at-he- re- (d-) p- r- 0- (0-) f- (i-) t-

L-0- C-u- s/s- (t-) 0- me- (a) r/r- e- (ye-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (b-) a- gain- (d-)(g-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- t- (b-) a-r- e- (d-) g- at-he- re- (d-) p- r- 0- (0-) f- (i-) t-

L-0- C-u- s/s- (t-) 0- m- (e-) a- r/r- e- (ye-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (b-) a- gain- (d-)(g-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- t- (b-) a-r- e- (d-) g- at-he- re- (d-) p- r- 0- (0-) f- (i-) t-

L-0- C-u- s/s- (t-) 0- m- (h-) e- r/r- e- (ye-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (b-) a- gain- (d-)(g-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- t- (b-) a-r- e- (d-) g- at-he- re- (d-) p- r- 0- (0-) f- i- (f-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re- ) d- (g-)(s- us- ) ew/e- (re-) d- s- t- (a-) b- Lack- t- (b-)(s-) 0- w/- (h-) 0-r- (e-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (h-)(c-)(c-L-) ass- (t-) e- ad- (s-) 0- w/e- (re-) d-


my issue with tate, is nothing i said, he was letting land.

he didn't want me to go back, to the first time we worked together, and i was asked by roger to instruct him in painting. however, he didn't gather a whole lot, of the simple prepping constructs i taught.

one of the unspoken things that happen in the trades and painting, where the real expertise comes in, is knowing, you are going to want to take short cuts, and having the mature, dedication and discipline to not cheat your customer in process and product.

you get things done on time, by concentrating on the task and being present & purposeful, managing the order and work flow. tate just wanted to override me and get to "painting" you know, with what apparently shows "production" capability to roger, squatting on both my experience, to relate value to date, and on the customer t/h ere. for roger's part, he doesn't seem to notice the really bad paint and caulk and everything "jobs" in his apartments he is trying to 'condo ize' and rent, probably at a higher price. I have seen the worst painting & caulk jobs in my life there.

i see my opportunity to communicate with tate as tease, as a vacuous waste, for him to deflect, that he knows what he is doing, but really doesn't. ie, roger @ freshcoat paint, is not a real painting company. he definitely doesn't know how to organize a crew / company of painters, he is not helming his business with a stable, knowledgable, platform for follow thru, then he does shyster things like change your pay rate, or blame you for stepping in to supervise what his lame vision has left for- (e-) d- (h-) im-

the irony, he-t- got rid of me on the job-site- & really r (h) e a L/L (D) e ye i.d. roger should be H ere at all.

let it land. leave it. on to the next step.

ironically, he kept back tracking. ok.

use sandpaper : he provided defense, deflexion, argument, unnecessary "qui-p-s-" winding up and escalating a situation to hide his shame, (rather than ever face the truth) which i wasn't trying to incur. it is very obvious to see all that he doesn't know. I was factual as pointing out the sky is blue. No shame in the obvious, and stating it 0/0 t/h (a) d ew/e i.d.

deal with it, rather than dishonorable lie - (n-) d- obfucate for no reason - e- (ye-) a- t- hie-ven-d-

dud-e- is "sustained" to not provide real relationship with collusion calling the man-d- t-he- m-(e-) an- (d-) s- t- (h-) and- 0/u- (be-) t- hie- ven- d- s- (p-) e/n- d- (i-) s- (h-) a/m- (b-) e- (n-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- (h-) 0-ve- (re-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d- (s-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- t- (L-) 0- A- (n-) D- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- t- (b-) a- s/s- (k-) t- he- (ad-) g-g- (0-d-) s- (m-) u- s- e- (re-) d- 0-(f-) t- (0-f-x-f-) 0- (0-) L- (e-) D- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- (j-) u-d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) dud- e- w/e- i-d- on the me- 0/n- e-ye- i-d- (h-) 0/m- e- (re-) d-

this t-his- t- is predictable. sign of stupid. sign of "i want to be a donkey" sign of "i want to be - (a-) d- (h-) 0/n- e- c- k- (t-) e- ye- id- e/b- t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d- " so "i" can blame ye-we- (re-) d- rather than ever love i.d. ew/e i.d.

continual lie- (n-) d- making -(s-) am- e- 0/n- e- (ye-) i-d- e/b-t- (b-) ass- (k-) - t- (e-) ye- w/e- (re-) d- keep passing -t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d- (j-) u-d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d-

again not a value producer by & buy not actually being a w/a re AD ~ ew/e i.d. e/b (i) t (b) ass (t) e L/L (fxf) t (b) 0 w/(h) e a L/L (t/h) D


argument - (u-) b- (re-ad-) sound- e/b- t- (b-) a- r- e- (d-) g-g- (r-) 0- (u/n-) d- (h-) e- ad- (h-) 0-ve- (re-) d- (s-) 0- (w/-) n- (d-)(g-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- (i-) t- hie- ven- (d-)(g-) ew/e- (re-) d-

sand it right down

s (t) and it (b) rig ht down

s (t)(h) and i/t (h/b) rig ht (d)(s) 0 w/n

s (t)(h) and i/t (h/b) rig ht (d)(s) 0 w/(e) n ~ (d) (kn) ew/e i.d.

sand it right down to

prime / wood

every time

sand it right down to

prime / wood (j) 0 bu e ye i.d. (s) 0 w/(c) 0 (u) L (h) D ~ ew/e i.d.


ye-we- are not H ere to obsfucate this (t) issue that ye-we- didn't care,

c a re AD, h and e/b t (c) a (i) r/r (h) e (ye) AD h a (n) d e/b t 0/0 t (h)(c) a (i) r/r (h) e (ye) AD ~ ew/e i.d. ~ e/b (i) t (h) rue w/e (L/L) i.d. ~ (h) i.d. e w/e i.d.

by & buy being stupid donkey as your means to get income, ye-we- your-e-d- self -t- are causing every woman to only have donkey to be "forced" -0- (f-) t- 0/0-t- he- m- (e-) a- r/r- (h-) e- ye- i-dud- e- w/e- i-d-

i'm just saying, present the heir in your self, if you think you cared and carried value w/e i.d. e/b t (h) ass (0) w/e L/L (h) D ~ e/b (i) t 0/0 t (h)(c) ass (t) e L/L (h) D ~ ew/e i.d. ~ (s) 0 w/(h) e (ye) i.d. (0) L (h)(b) e (a) d ~ ew/e i.d. ~ e/b t (h)(f) i/n (d) e s/s t (h) e AD

t (h) in (d) k t you cared h a(n) d carried e/b t 0 w/(h)e re AD ~(kn) ew/e (i.d.) s

~ (t) u be (in/n) g/g (r)(h) in/n (d) (kn) ew/e (L/L) i.d. ~ (J) 0 bu e ye (a) t (h) rue w/e (L/L) i.d. ~ (h)(bu) e ye (i) t (b) ass k (r) ew/e (L/L) i.d. ~ (h) i.d. ew/e i.d.

sand it right down to prime / wood

every e (a) t (a) i'm (b) e (n) d (h) in (e/e) d ~ (e/b t) i'm e i.d.

d ~ (e/b t) i'm e (a) i.d. e/b (i) t (h) rue w/e (L/L) i.d. ew/e i.d.


tate's only god-awful-defense- is to jest with you to waste your time, and hope you give up your position e ve (in)n d, so he can get "away" with "i/t", so he can get -(a-s/s-) a- w/- he- ye- i-d- 0f- (i-) t- (h-)rue- w/e- (re-) d- in "essence" to make you not innocent among t- he- ha- h- ass- h- im- (b-) e- (n-) d- e/b- (i-) t- 0/0- L- (b-) e- (n-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d-

he-t- still wants - e- (e-) x- i- (s-) t- (h-) rue-w/e- (re-) d- h -and- doesn't ever really care nor intended to care about your value w/e i.d. e/b t (h) in (e/e) d 0ff t/h f 0 L/L (D) 0 w/(h) e t (c = h) rue w/e (L/L) i.d.

tate does not have many honest to god tools in his tool box, and tate as sustainable as he is apparently to date, has radically few coping skills : "call the police" b.c. she is having a conversation with me- (a-) i-d- h and can prove it e ye i.d. e/b (i) t (b) ass k (r) ew/e i.d. -?- on e me ye (i.d. e/b) t (b) ass (t) u (r) fxf e r (h) e ad (e/b t) 0ff (t/h) i'r (e a) s ~ t

a g (e) i/s (t) 0/0 t/h (a) d ew/e i.d.

geist / spirit

gist / law e L/L (D) 0've i.d.

which is not available in the market-place- t- hie-ven-d- (j-) 0- by - & - bu-e-ye- id- t- he- ha- h-and- (s-) 0wn- design- (d-)(g-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- (i-) t- 0/0- L- (h-)(b-) a- (n-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- (i-) t- 0/0- t- h- (r-) e- ad- (s-) ew/e- (re-) d- (h-) i- dud- ew/e- i-d- on the donkey money -e- (a-) t- (b-)(s-) 0- w/- (h-) 0-r- (e-) d- (g- ) ew/e- (Re-) d- 0-f- (t-) 0-r- (k-) t- (b-) u/n- (d-)(g-) ew/e- (re-) d- to pass donkey law (with no love in store and no means in their self to truly be courageous enough to love i.d. ew/e i.d.) on- (e-) t- (h-)(b-) 0- ye- w/00-dud- e- w/e- (re-) d-


ye-we- are not TEACH ABLE when ye-we- do not know value w/e i.d.

ye-we- are not TEACH ABLE when ye-we- do not kn 0 w/h 0

~ d e/b (i) t 0/0 t (h) 0 w/h 0/d value w/e i.d. ew/e i.d.


their is no 'repute' tate can make - n- d- e/b- (i-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d- & his incessant qui-p-s- on e me (ye) i.d. is stating, frankly, being a value w/e i.d. e/b (i) t0 re lat e, is not on his p(L) at e

roger is paying tate to listen-d- to roger- (h-) e- vain- (d-)(g-) ew/e- (re-) d- h- and- roger can't seem to value me in the position of teacher, except to ask me to provide for his (purposefully inept) young employ, assuming he should com-man-d- my hand with his only provision too-L-(h-)(b-) a- (n-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d-

roger in "essence" asks me to "tit" f-0-r- (e-) d- (0-) f- (r-) e- (e-) d- & penalizes me in not apparently being as fast at throwing a slop of paint on top of a house, demonstrating by larcenous "prowess" with no prep, no knowledge except to "first" disregard it as being necessary, no knowledge or mastery of materials and application combined with (self) management order to follow thru : roger asks me to tit his employ that is not teachable to value w/e i.d. 0ff (t/h) i'r (e ad) s t, then take the false sell -e- (ye-) i-d- "h- i/t" (ch-) 0- w/-he-ye- (a-) t- 0ff- (i-) t- that i am not a value able producer among his - t- d- (i-) s- (h-) i/t- (0/0-) kick- t- 0/0-t- h- (r-) e- ad- ew/e- (re-) d- wile roger is only capable to provide donkey value for the want -0-f-x-f- (i-x-) i/t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d- (s-) ew/e- (re-) d-


t- he- (a-) t- (b-) 0/n- (L-) e- (ye-) i-d- (kn-) e/e- d- (s-) u- d- e- w/e- (re-) d-

roger only needs "dud-e-"

roger only needs "d-ew/e-d-" "d-ew/e-i-d-"

d- ew/e- (Re-) d- see- t- he- (i-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d- (j-) u-d- (g-) e- w/e- (re-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (b-) ass- (k-) t- (b-) 0/n- (d-) (g-) ew/e- (re-) dud- ew/e- i-d- only donkey here, for the want - (0-) f-x-f- i- (f-) t- he- re- d- ew/e- (re-) d-

roger only needs dud-e- that is - (i-) re- d- h-and- than can only ass- (p-) i-r-e-d- h- and- c- 0/n- s- (p-) i-r-e-d- e/b- (i-) t- 0/0- L- (h-)(b-) a- (n-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (Re-) d- (j-) u-d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- - 0-f- (t-) 0- (0-) L- (e-) D- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- (e/b-t-) 0-f- x-f- (t-) 0-(0-) L- (e-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (b-)(s-) 0- w/- (h-) 0-r- (e-) d- (s-) ew/e- (re-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d-

(s-) 0- w/-(c-) 0-(u-) L- (0-r-e-) D-

kind of tired of the red bread infancy -e- (a-) t- 0/0-L -(h-)(b-) a- (n-) d- 0f- t- (b-) a- (re-g-) gain- (d-)(h-) ad- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d- (s-) 0-w/-(a-r-) e- d- e/b- (i-) t- (h-) (c- L-) ass- p-r- 0- (0-) f- (i-) t- 0/0- t- h- (r-) e- ad- (s-) ew/e- (re-) d- 0-f- (t-) 0-r- (k-) t- (b-) u/n- (d-)(g- ) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (b-) ass- h0- (u-) L- (0-r-e-) D-

advertize a 'job' ye-we- are not providing with your self t (b) 0 w/(h) e a L/L (t/h) D, not providing the worth, not providing the follow thru ... then ye-we- wait until ye-we- (re-) d- (h-) e- vain- d- or "even" or - (h-)e- a- ven- (d-)(g-) ew/e- (re-) d- on account -0 f-x-f- (t- he- ad-) ew/e- i-d-

it is a thief to advertise a job, of value, that you are not really t/h ere (a) t/h e(i)r e AD the value w/e (L/L) i.d. e/b (i) t 0/0 L (b) e (n) d ~ (kn) ew/e i.d.

you have no foundation, legally speaking, where the law is the law of L(D) 0've i.d. ~ (kn) ew/e i.d. when you send dow with war, on the same sole and dole for the co-up- le- (a-) d- e/b- (i-) t- 0/0- t- he -re- (d-) s- (t-) 0-r- e- (ye-) d- (g-)(s-) am- (e-) 0-r-e-d- (g-)(s-) (us-)(h-) (r-) ew/e- (re-) d-

you have no foundation in r (h) e a L/L (D)(H)(b) i t/t (h) e ye i.d. to make or restore or amend value w/e i.d. namely in your self or hand any one else, (a) t (b) 0 w/e L/L (h) D ~ ew/e i.d. that you never well lended e/b (i) t 0/0 t/h (a) d ew/e i.d. (s) 0 w/e (i) t (h) rue w/e (L/L) i.d. h an (d)(kn) ew/e i.d.

you have no foundation in r (h) e a L/L (D)(H)(b) i t/t (h) e ye i.d. ye-we- (re-) d- s- (p-) ea- (k-)t- 0-f-x-f- (t- h-) i-r- (e-d-) s- t- (hi-) e- ven- (d-)(kn-) ew/e- (re-) d- (j-) u-d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- t- (h-) rue- w/-(h-) e- a d- (h-) e-ad- s-y-?-s-t-e- m- (b-) e- (n-) d- (s-) u-d- ew/e- (re-) d- ha- (n-) d- (s-) k- (r-) ew/e- (re- d- ) s- (t-) u- b- (r-) e- (a-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d-

your 'god' is a belief , a projection, in what you would have the world be for you. the problem, namely with your fraud, is - t- (e-) ye- w/e- (re-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- is -i- really don't care to suss the follow (e) thru inn yourself to then provide any one else as s (0) well (h) D : namely ye-we- don't care or care to carry e the value w/e i.d. h and this value w/e i.d. is not your-e-d- (0-) value- w/e- (re-) d- to hand 0/u (be) t, b.c. ye-we- were not willing to make , and thus take (and repeatedly get) this value t (0) fxf t h (b) 0ugh t. ye-we- don't really love i.d. ew/e i.d. ye-we- "love" your malfeasant capacity -e- (a-) t- (b-) ass- k- (r-) ew/e- (re-) d- (g-) ew/e- (i-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d-

ye-we- are not a value producer, maker, and if you didn't make the time, ye-we- can't take the time and claim ye-we- are honestly pr i'm e (n) d (kn) ew/e i.d.

ye-we- advertise the value of a job, bu- (s-) t-t- ye-we- are only providing a -d- (j-) 0-be- (a-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- :

when you provide a -d- (j-) 0-(b-) e- , the be- (a-) s/s- t- system is - (t-) 0- wait- until ye-we- g-g-e- t- (y-) 0ur- e- (d-) b- a- i/t- 0/0- t- h- (r-) e- ad- (j-) u-d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d-

making pretend you are a value to the pretend value makers - (L-) 0-t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- is the "essence" of value production in the market- place- t- hie-ven- d- e/b- (i-) t- (h-) in-n- (d-)(h-) at- e- (ye-) w/e- (re-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d-

you can think of "tate" as- s- (k-) t- a- (in-) t- e-

tate is not single handidly producing value in his self. not paying attention to me to work with my value, but subvert it in a myriad of plastic , and made dup-e- opportunities in the market-place- t- hie-ven-d- that he can't see , & given the opportunity with the means, apparently doesn't want t0 w/h0 (d) s (p) e a (k) t (b) i/t (h) rue w/e (L/L) i.d.

what do you do with d- (b-) u/m- (b-) e- (n-) d- (0-) f- (b-) uck- t- ?- w/-h0- i/s- t- is always going to question your (h) e a L/L (D) 0/t : which is a waste of my t i'm e ve (in)n (t) a p/p (ea) L/L (h) e (ye) i.d. ~ ew/e i.d.

i would say, for starters, stop entertaining his value-w/e- (re-) d- h and stop supporting t- (b-) i/t- to be a sustainable value - w/e- (re-) d (g) 0/n e w/e i.d.

i don't need the fraudulent protection of a gun , to carry my value w/e i.d. h (ea.ven) d ~ (g) 0' ve i.d. ~ (kn) ew/e (L/L) i.d. ~ (j) 0 b (p)(L) e at (h) e re ~n (d)(kn) ew/e i.d. (s) 0 w/i (d) t (h) a s/s y ste m (b) e (n) d e/b (i) t (h) a (s/s) p.r. 0 (0) f (i) t ~ 0/0 t/h (a) d ew/e i.d. (h) AD (s) 0/m e (w/e) i.d.

advertising a job, wile -ye-we- are not really e (a) t H e're (a) t 0/0 t/h an (d) (kn) ew/e i.d.

advertising your position of sustainability from an ability to contribute, without ever being in reception e (a) t 0/0 t/h (a) d ew/e i.d. is fraud name lie- (n-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- ye-we- are wasting time ven t - 0- f-x-f- t- he- re- a- (d-0-) f- x- f- 0- r- (e-) d- (j-) u-d- (g-) e- w/e- (re-) d- (s-) ew/e- (re-) d- in the "whole" process of never ever making value w/e i.d. / b.c. this value w/e i.d. is not in your temple t (h) e/m p (u) L/L (D) e ye i.d. t (h) e/m p (0) L/L e (n) d t(h) e/m p (0) L/L e (d) g e (w/e) r (h) e AD ~ ew/e i.d.


ye-we- fraudulent lie - (n-) d- didn't think t off this value w/e (L/L) i.d.

t (h) in (d) k t (0) fxf t (h) ass 0/t (h) ass (p) ea (k) t (u/b) e at (h) rue w/e (L/L) i.d. ~ (j) 0 b (p)(L) e at 0/0 t/h (a) d ew/e i.d.

f- r- 0/m- (b-) e- (n-) d- s- (ad-)(m-)(h-) i- re- d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d-

from- (h-) i-re-d-

f- r- 0/m- (b-) e- (n-) d- s- (ad-)(m-)(h-) i- re- d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- (j-) u-d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- (s-) ew/e- (re-) d- unaccountable- (a-) t- (b-)(s-) 0- w/- (h-) 0-r- (e-) d- s- (p-) en- d- (h-)(b-) i/t- 0/0- t- h- (r-) e- ad- ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (h-)rue- w/e- (Re-) d- s- k- (r-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (L-) 0-A- (n-) D- (g- )ew/e- (re-) d- 0- (f-) t- hie- ven- (d-)(kn-) ew/e- (re-) d-

new job site, new business form.

person i am working for, & with, (the owner is actually present on the job site, supervising, directing, and doing the work as well) has 6 years in customer service, and has taken that experience to start a paint business. by his own account, and feedback with clients, he is not jaded having t-work-t- with the "top" industry sh- i/r- (k-) t- s-

he speaks his frame in this industry and does the same, as far as i know, to give it (a g) 0

we work at an address with a 1, a 7, and a 0

vultures and hawks fly overhead : house owner says there is an 'estuary', a nature preserve near by. I feel suspended in time and space there. It feels truly unique / place.

high end work is appreciated and actually wanted from me. We work side by side, apart and independently, critque as we go, exchange info and ideas, tips and know how. Paid that day, and asked my availability for next week. :)

when i first got there, i was directed to a wall to work on, prep, i took it upon myself to caulk where i saw it necessary, i was asked by a co worker and 2nd supervisor if my caulk was exterior. (no problem, no shame elicited in being question about my work, worth and tools) i said : well, let's see. got the caulking gun, and spun the caulk to read the label for him and me : that is was Accelerator , 50 year , interior / exterior.

This is common, for people that care, to ask, to inquire, ok, what is being done here ? what has been done here ? where are you ? where are we ? where am i in this work for hire scenario ? What are your tools, experience, ability level , abilities. It is a process of getting on the same page, to follow thru, as a process to procure income ve (in)n (d) (g) 0/n e g/g ~ (0/d h) a ve i.d.

"t- (h-) at- e- " tate, to me, has no ability and no desire to actually stand in my frame

me ye (i.d. 0) fxf (r) a (i') m (b) e (n) d (e/b t a) g a ve i.d. ~ (h) a ye i.d. (kn) ew/e i.d.

t- (h-) at- e- actually "needs" t- (h-) e/n- d- to force shame - vain-d- s- (L-) 0-t- he- t- can con- t- in- u- ew/e- (re-) d- (j-) u-d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- for no reason - e- (ye-) at- 0/0- t- (h-) re- ad- (s-) ew/e- (re-) d-

t- (h-) at- e- doesn't really have the capacity to love, or being any's friend just (b.) c.

t 0/0 L (D) 0've i.d. s (ta) fxf (r) i (e) n d (j) u/s t (a) b. c. ~ d e (a) f (ta) g (r) 0/d e w/e i.d.

he-t- doesn't care about d ew/e i.d.

he-t- is not the w/h e ye i.d. e/b (i) t (h) rue w/e (L/L) i.d.

b.c. he-t- "wants" - tu- (b-) pretend- you don't care as much - (e-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d-

only an nincompoop would compete with dud-e-w/e-i-d- h- a- (n-) d- see- t- he- (i-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d- (h-) 0-c- (h-) 0/m- p- (L-) e- at- 0/0- t- h- (r-) e- ad- (s-) ew/e- (re-) d-

compete b.c. he-t- can't complete n (d)(kn) ew/e i.d. for the want 0ff i (f) t (h) rue w/e (L/L) i.d. ~ (h) i.d. e w/e i.d.


new jobsite, new person to work for, new customer, awesome new location... likes to use 'non peel' (deck) primer : which is a new concept to me.


ye-we- are making t- he-t- sustainable to pretend that -he-t- cares for (t/h) d ew/e i.d. he-t- has never demonstrated this capacity for himself, much less any one else i.d.

the person i am working for now, takes the time to make sure the client wants what they want, as a paint job, and are willing to pay for it. consequently, he only has dutiful high end (quality oriented) paint jobs, (where your word is your worth via conversational turf) and cares about his name / reputation he is building in process, with the client, with the work and workers, with himself, and the medium / materials to pass (0) w/(h) e a L/L (t/h) D

t- 0- (w/-h-0-d- 0-) f-x-f- a- ce- d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d-


melea, lisa's daughter, that apparently told her mother i said her mother was a bitch, -and- never correct ed (h)(b) i/t

again, i apologized for my bitch face, when she came upon me from around the corner, for when i am focusing hard, scrutinizing my own work.

talked about my dog with her, that we play frisbee in a secret place, where no one comments to put my dog "on a leash" : me-le-e- a- s- s- (t-) a- i-d- "bless you" i thought she meant 'bless you'

instead she was t- 0-f-x-f- a- ce- d- e/b- t- (h-) ass- he- w/00- d- e/b- t- (h-) ass- (m-) at- (h-) e- vain- n- (d-)(h-) at- e- (ye-) w/e- (re-) d- (g- )ew/e- (re-) d-

for thinking of no one (a) t (h) rue w/e (L/L) i.d.

she is present / she pre sents herself as the value, as a giver, receiver and thus bringer of value and thus being the value w/e i.d. s- w/- i- L/L- (e-ye- i-) D- (i-) s- he- (a-) d- is none of these thing s h (ea.ven) d s (t) a i.d. ~ ew/e i.d.~

e/b (i) t (u) b (r) e (a) d (s) 0 (w/) h a(n)d (s) 0 w/(h) a (L/L) ve i.d. ~ s (0) L0 ' ve i.d. (h)(bu) e ye (a) t (h) rue w/e L/L (h)(b) an (d)(kn) ew/e (L/L) i.d. ~ (h) i.d. e/b t (b) a g i've (i) t (b) a g (r) 0 (w/e ~ i) d ~ e w/e i.d.



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