h 0/m e (a) i.d. ~ ew/e i.d.


i'm pretty happy, i have been running. not al lot, but enough.

the shoulder is flexible for the most part in all my stretches, and i think the running has helped my posture, and thus the comfort of my shoulder. ... now what is pronounced is a pain behind my right inner ankle bone, and i looked it up online, and this is what i found , ie this pain has a name.


location wise, it feels like the tibialis posterior, and flexor hallucis longus. the bone is also bigger in this area, like the bunions on the left foot before surgery, the body builds bone on bone to erect 'stability.' you know, over compensating faulty architecture (fallen arches)



kind of a change of plans this morning. now i know this pain has name, a label, a condition, & i can attempt to fix it ..

now, why would i choose to fix this condition my self, and not make a ($250) doctor appt (followed by another appt...) ? b.c. i have pointed out and complained of this pain before to the podiatrist / where i get my $1000 custom orthotics and bunion surgery, and it was kind -a- passed - 0f- t- , you know ... it wasn't addressed. so was 'lead' or "miss led" to believe, nothing 'notable' is wrong with this foot, this pain in the ankle. however , i can see, the malleolus (i believe) bone is bigger on the right ankle... along with swelling and pain, which is managable to me, ok, i warm up the joint, and work out thru it, thankfully b.c. i really like my mobility, however, i am concerned, to learn, i can be "building" damage / injury, over the long term, of not grasping what my arch support / ankle support needs, combined with 'over arching' activity, that i like to do & do with complete (healthy) follow thru.

this 'get up' support is quite a process, however, i think it (will) provide the best concerted support.

it is quite a process to get into . like going to an athletic trainer every day, and getting wrapped and taped, so the tendons function with support and stay in place, while your whole anatomy relates ~ kinesthetic all (e) ye i.d.


my status :

i can do heel raises, it is not fun on the right leg.

i am a natural over supinator, and not a pronator, as this condition suggests 'more' pronation,

although, my arches have fallen, too, and i wear custom orthotics to build the architecture & h and stability of the arch that would be there / if the feet didn't need artificial (external) repair

my flexibility (notably, by chiropractors) covers a lot of biomechanical 'misalignment'

meaning, i can make 'do'

i can be flexible and work around the misalignment and would- be pain

i don't want 'down time', i want to continue to work out, but not build injury...


11/11 Clear Choice appt

reviewing the directions from canada

'gum abces' 'rooth canal' with a referal to tina kell

whom i visited and she expressed there was a 60% chance the root canal would work, due to the position of the abcess. the reservation is that the tooth root is cracked / broken, and not just the nerve that died in the tooth.

so, i have been sitting back, as the tooth doesn't hurt, and i have gotten used to the 'ghost' pain transfering sensation to the tooth above it, which has a root canal, and i shouldn't be feeling anything ... apparently facial nerves do that, transfer pain / sensation vertically across the face , but not horizontally

however ... clear choice did a 3d cat scan, rather than just 2d x rays.

4 appts later regarding this tooth

1. to the dentist in mass, thought the problem tooth was the one next to the root canal, that has a large metal filling in it. they took an x ray and oral exam. i didn't like the price of the crown they wanted to put on the metal filling tooth, so i called ...

2. canada: paid for another x ray and oral exam (at a much less expensive price) and the abcess did not show in the x ray, they showed me, however the abcess was found in canada, during their oral exam ((a business full of women speaking (melifluous) french)) / during the visual, hands on examination of my mouth. one month later, after the mass appt.

3. referral to tina kell in lewiston maine, to perform a root (h) canal.

... had to earn money, in triplicate, in writing to back my forwarding advance (takes my time to make time & walk it (h 0) within the lines) again-s- (t-)(d-) i- m- (p-)(L-) e- (a-) t- 0/0- t- he- re- d/d- (h-) e- ye- i-d- (kn-) ew/e- (re-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (h- ass-)(p-) 0- w/- (h-) e- (re-) d- 0- (f-) t- (0-f-x-f-) a- (i-) r- e- d- (j-) u-d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d-

you saw the saga / accounting, & all the "pr-0-verb- (i-) all- (h-) D- (j-) 0- b- s- " all the c- a- r/r- e-a- r- (e-d-) s- , you can see all the advertized jobs in the market place, i have 'occupied' this year, and being relieved immaturely for being able to sus t (c) a in a/b (e) L/L (h) e (ye) AD ~ ew/e i.d.

3d cat scan

showed the infected area in the x ray you could rotate, and see around ... it showed the infected area beneath the tooth eating the bone


i need to make a decision, b.c. this infection can eat into the tooth next to it, into the jaw bone, making an implant not possible, and extraction my only inevitable option.

the doctor, virginia hoggsett box

at (h) c ~ (L) e a r ~ c h0 i ce

300 Trade Center Suite 1700

Woburn, MA (s/s) 01801

$5,600 to have an implant, tooth #31

extraction, bone graft, 3 months later, implant

bone graft with ? what ?

cow, as an option

i asked, you know, does the body, you know, assimulate 'cow bone'

i was told the cow bone (would have) has / had zero DNA

i put $1300 down, & i got inhouse 24 month revolving credit (care) from 2 companies, with zero percent interest for the rest.

i don't like bills / monthly payments. i prefer to pay cash / pay at the time of purchase.

however, armed with information the endodontist didn't give me, neither the 2, 2d x ray, about the gravity of the abcess infection / eating my jaw bone & disolving it over time ... i realized i needed to make a decision. the people at clear choice conveyed the same thing to me / that not making a decision may make an implant an impossibility.

i realized, i couldn't be comfortable in sitting back, on this problem in my mouth.

clear choice has, well, everything in house. Everything ! nothing is run across 'town', they don't send you to another 'expert' to string your care (footing it) back and forth. even the credit too.

they are very streamlined, and specific in what they do, with follow thru.

pros and cons to keep your teeth : without a tooth, in place, the other teeth move. without direct impact / chewing, placing pressure on the bone from the teeth, the jaw bone shrinks / deteriorates , changing the profile of the face.

i like to chew. i like a happy mouth, i like to eat what i want without artificially "mincing about" to find comfort / that i think should be there, being cognizant of good care for the follow thru.


i'm told this implant should last a life time.

I don't want to be chasing this tooth to be well again... and allow all the tooth to be well even


extraction appt = early December


work today : apt stairwell, anderson st


i was subtly hit on in the waiting room, by a man from meredith, nh (new hampshire) he totally went out of his (seated) way to check out my butt when i stood, name called for my appt.


I resonated with this

I have notes on "john holland" that i will get too ...t heir (d) 0 w/a'r (h) e AD (b) i/t h e're AD


p.s. i was able to check reviews while there : 4.9 out of 5 on yelp : who gets that! i exclaimed to lisa. that was my reservation, in the gap between acting now (which i wanted to do) and making sure i was making the right choice, not just for today, the moment, but there after.


european cypress (i couldn't smell the lemon, which is also available). i picked the green wrapper paper, that had a santa claus, or a stocking (etc) but not a deer.

i'm not usually into kitsch, as a venue for spending my money, however when i was at lowes looking for sample paints, i felt compelled to look at their plants.

i liked the swinging beaded deer and legs, but it was paired with the silver wrapper. i like silver. i asked myself if i liked silver (wrapper) better than green. i decided on green / my first instinct, when picking one of these trees up.

i took the deer out (of the silver) and put it in the green wrapper cypress tree...and proceeded to checkout, feeling good about my would be purchase.

at checkout, i purchased sample paints (the rejects no one else wanted at a greatly reduced cost) and this mini tree (cost approx $10) and ... while it was scanned, i wasn't charged for it ;)

i got the tree free. & i felt good about it, as it should be ~ am (b) e (n) d


a s/s (k) i (t) s (c) h0/u LD (0) be am (b) e (n) d ~ (h) in (d) g e ~ g/g


the "patient"

causing delusions b.c. didn't express honest emotions


so, i got all these fancy workout jumpsuits / bodysuits at carbon38, basically for free, b.c. i opened a key bank acct, & i get $400 and all i have to do is make 8 purchases / debits a month, or deposit $500 to the acct, for the acct to have no fee.


purchased high gloss enamel for the stairs. color matched a behr's (home depot) marquee color called 'shadow.' it is a good choice, as it doesn't show dirt. I purchased stock white semi gloss enamel for door and window trim.

lamb skin matte walls : on the back stair well / 3 floor apts

A* L/L i t/t (a) L/L (b) e AM i/n (d) 0 w/e i.d.



upload frameworkandfretwork.com

may 2020

worked with levi today, in new hampshire. i told him about my $5,600 tooth. he asked when the (extraction) appointment was, and I said Dec 5th. He said that was his birthday!


start the "story" end the "story" e- (a-) t- (h-) e- re- d- e/b- (i-) t- (h-)(as-s-)(c-) a- r/r- e- (ye-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d- (j-) u-d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- 0-(f-) t- (0-f-x-f-) 0- (0-) L- (e-) D- (g-) e- w/e- (re-) d-

s- t- a- r- (e-) t- s- t- a- r- (e- d- e/b-) t- he- (ye-) a- r- (k-) t- 0/0- t- (h-) im- (p-) a-r- (k-) t- (he-ad-) 0-f-x-f- t- he- m- (e-) a- r- (k-) t- (h-) ass- m- (e-) a- r- (k-) t- (u-) s-

"she" is contained in d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- if you do not like this per-p- et- u- all- story "line" n- (d-)(g-) ew/e- (re-) d- stop feeding -0- (0-) d- k- n- i/t - 0/0- t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d- you are sending the fear, by & buy sustaining - (L-) a- d- (j-) 0-bu- e- ye- (a-) t- hie-ven- d- (a-) b- r- 0- ad- 0- (f-) t- (h-) ass- (k-t-) 0- d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- (h-) and- (j-) 0- bu- e- ye- (i-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d-

put a different s (p) in/n (d) e w/e i.d. (0/n) kn i (g/h) t 0/0 t/h (a) d ew/e i.d. (j) 0 b.c. e ye w/(h)e (a) d (h) 0 c (h) an d ~ c (h) an (d) g e ve (in)n (d)(h) ad ~ ew/e (i) t (h) rue w/e (L/L) i.d.~ (j) 0 bu (s) t/t (u/b) e am e (n) d ~ (h) in/n (d) g e g/g ~ 0 (0) d (r) ew/e i.d.


saw mucha yellow (from alphonse mucha, the artist, from the art nouveau period), repeatedly today. my favorite color, to look at, however not to wear (i am a pink skin varietal, yellow doesn't look good on me).

in my sleep, in my apartment, i keep having a dream, of applying the grey (shadow) stairwell paint.


t (0) w/h 0 d e/b t (h) at (a) b (e) L/L (h)(b) e (a) D ~ ew/e i.d.


my new thing / my new 'jag'

is envisioning (making) mesh clothes.

i like the fabric is nylon, modestly priced, breathable.

& of course silk, to ad at $50 total / plus to get free shipping


ye-we- are not managing any e (a) t (h) in (d) g e g/g

any e (i) t (h) in (d) g e g/g

ye-we- are a dip-sh-i/t- to send the fear t-h-(e-) f- (t-) ear- e- d- h- and- receive- (i-) t- 0/0- t- h- (r-) e- ad- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d- (j-) u-d- (g-) e- w/e- (re-) d- e/b- t- (h-)(b-) ass- k- (r-?-) ew/e- (re-?-) d- (s-) ew/e- (re-) d-

ye-we- are not blame less-t- (0-) for only giving a false hand- e/b- (i-) t- 0/0- L- (h-)(b-) a- (n-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d-


not really creating value w/e i.d. (j) 0 b (L) a/c k t (0) w/h 0 d (j) 0 b (L) a/c (k) t ~ 0/0 L (e) ass (k) t

not really creating value back to back

"are" creating value- w/e- (re-) d- (j-) 0-b- Lack- t- 0/0- L- (e-) ass- (k-) t- (0-) f-x-f- (t-) a- (c-) t- (h-)(bu-) e-ye- (a-) t- (h-)(bu-) e- ye- a- (s/s-) t- (b-) re- ad- e/b- t- hie- ven- (d-)(g-) ew/e- (re-) d- 0-(f-) t- (0-f-x-f-) 0- (0-) L- (e-) D- (g-) e- w/e- (re-) d- (j-) 0- bu- e- ye- (a-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d- (j-) u-d- (g-) e- w/e- (re-) d- - 0- f- (t-) a- (c-) t- 0/0- L- (be-) ass- (k-) t- (he-ad-) d- (h-) at- (ch-) a- t-


s- (t-) 0- r/r- e- (ye-) d- s- (m-) an- (d-) s-

sorry man- d- he-t- (a-) g- o/t- "rich" thru ye-we- (re-) d- (j-) u-d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d-


trending on youtube tarot : trauma bonding.

what we have already is trauma bonding.

altar ready, 2 dud dudes - t- (h-) and- e/b- (i-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- - d- (h-)(bu-) e- ye- (a-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) dud- e- w/e- (re-) d-

you have the tarot reader judging "trauma bonding" from the position of quite frank lie - (d-) f- (r-) e/e- d- (h-) in- (d-) g- e- g-g- 0- d- (n-) i/t- from the position of quite frank lie feeding nit - (b-) ass- k- (r-?-) ew/e- (re-?-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- s-

you know, you ye-we- are part of the problem for being part of the same vain to -2- d- sustaining the -g-g- (0-d-)(s-) am- e-vain- (d-)(g-) ew/e- (re-) d-

ye-we- are particularly vain for "leading" a value w/e id ye-we- are not in reception e (a) t 0/0 t/h (a) d ew/e i.d.

ye-we- are particularly vain to "teach" a-b- (0-) u- t-t- wile t- w/- (h-) i- L/L- (e-) D- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d- (s-) ew/e- (re-) d- ye-we- are particularly vain to "teach" about a false "tin" in false "innocent" bu- (s-) t/t- hie- ven- d- (h-) id- (h-)(bu-) e- ye- (a-) t- (b-) a- (re-g-) gain- (d-)(h-) ad- ew/e- (re-) d-

ye-we- are particularly vain to teach and lead about a "butt" (h-and- never receive AD) wile never ever providing innocents t (h) rue w/e L/L (h)(b) a'n (d) ew/e i.d.




vain - (d-)(kn-) 0- t- 0/0- t- (h-)(b-) a/n- (d-) kn- ew/e- (re-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) dud- ew/e- (re-) d- feed the dud to go to w/ar-t- to get - (h-) at- he-ad- (0-) value- w/e- (re-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d- s- (t-) 0-r/r- e- (ye-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- 0- f- (t-) 0- (0-) L- (e-) D- (g-) e- (W/e-) re- d- there is no 'power' p 0 w/(h) e re AD p (s) 0 w/(h) e re AD ew/e i.d. there is no power to surmise g/g 0 (0) d -0-f- r- 0/m- (b-) e- (n-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (h-) ass- (m-) i- s/s- u/n- d- e- re- (d-) s- (t-) 0- (0-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- 0- (f-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d- (s-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- (i-) t- 0/0- t- h- (r-) e- ad- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- you are not making t/h e me 0/n e ye i.d. as a value w/e i.d. - (j-) 0-bu- e- ye- (i-d-) s- t- (h-) and- (H-) in- (d-) g- e- g-g- 0/d- (h-) 0/n- e- c- k- (t-) e- ye- (i-d-) g-g- (0-d-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d- ye-we- are married t- 0/0-t - he- me- 0/n- e- (ye-) i-d- wile never actually caring to care and carry your (h) e ad 0ff t/h e value w/e i.d.