h 0/m e (a) i.d. ~ ew/e i.d.




L (h) e x (0/d) u s (t) 0/0 t/h (a) d (j) 0 b (r) e (a) d s erve n (d's ) erve i.d. ~ (kn) ew/e (i.d.) s

t (h) and e/b (i) t (h) rue w/e (L/L) i.d.



c0 (u) L ~ (0 r e A) D (i/s) p (L) a ye i.d. ~ ew/e i.d. ~ e/b (i) t (h) ass (m) in (d) e/e d (s) 0'L (e) i.d. e/b t (h) ass (m) at (h)(bu) e ye (i) t (h/d) 0ff (r) e/e d ~ (h) 0/m e i.d.

you ye-we- don't get to have your (ego o d) emotions when ye-we- didn't send time f x f 0 ' r (h) e a L/L (t/h) D , when ye-we- didn't care or carry your (h) e ad e/p t (h) u be present h e (i) r (h) e (a) ve (in)n d (kn) ew/e (i.d.) s ~ t (h) and 0/u (be) t (a) g i ve (i) t (b) u

no hands, no shoes,

no case (i.d. 0) w/ i/t h and (0) L (h) e (a) d ~ ew/e i.d.

e/b (i) t (h ass)(p) 0 w/(h) e re ~ AD e/p t (h) rue w/e (L/L) i.d. h(b) a'n (d) kn ew/e (L/L) i.d. ~ (h) i.d. e w/e i.d.

constant lie - (n-) d- causing (t-h-) f- (r-) a- (i-) m- (b-) e- (n-) d- (kn-) ew/e- (re-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- (e/b-t-) 0-f-x-f- (t-) 0- (0-) L- (D-) e- w/e- (re-) d- e/b- t- (h-)(c-)(c-L-) ass- (t-) e- L/L- (f-x-f-) t- (b-)(s-) 0- w/- (h-) e- L/L- (h-) D- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (h-) ass- (n-) a- i- L/L- (e-)D- (g-) e- w/e- (re-) d- e/b- (i-) t- 0/0- L- (b-) e- (n-) d- (h-)(c-) 0-ve- (r-) t- 0/0- t- h- (r-) e- ad- (s-) ew/e- (re-) d-

not a problem to pass on false sell eye -i-d- 0- f- (r-) a- (i-) m- (b-) e- (n-) d- b.c. ye-we- don't really care or carry value w/e i.d. in process or product 0/0 t/h (a) d ew/e i.d.

if you are passing value-w/e- (re-) d- on the donkey frame - n- d- 0- f- am- e- i-d- ye-we- are leading a value without giving an honest (a) f x f i/g t (h) rue w/e (L/L) i.d. ye-we- are doing nit on per-p-0- s- (t-) e- (i-d-) g-g- (0-d-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- t- (h-)(c-) ass- (t-) 0- (0-) L- (e-) D-


min 0 is really into tearing into the last 3 frisbees (red, blue, & confetti), or trying too, trying to tear them apart. The confetti frisbee, the last of 6 purchased this Summer, proceeded to be torn more and more apart today, and yet, min 0 was still game, and i thru the frisbee, wonkey, repeatedly ... into a tree. i left it there, among the leaves, i left the frisbee in the tree. i could have probably shaken / shaked it, as min 0 barked at it, to be still game ...

i left the frisbee in the tree, min 0 and i walked away

t (h)(f) r e /e d

t (h)(f) r e/e d (g) (s' u/s) am (b) e (n) d g (r) a v(e) i.d. ~ (h) e a L/L (h)(D) a ye i.d.

debt (h) ass (n) am e (i) d (h)(bu) e ye (a) t 0/0 t/h (a) d ew/e i.d.~ s t (h) and g's (m) u s/s (t) e i.d. ~ e/b (i) t (h) rue w/e (L/L) i.d. (h) i.d. (kn) ew/e (ad) s


c ~ L (h) 0 i/s t e ~ r ~ (h) e AD

e/b (i) t (b) a (re g) g a in/n (d) (kn) ew/e i.d.


you know i don't have to do anything more a.d. i brought the value w/e i.d. & h and ye-w/e- didn't ask (t) i/t (f) 0'r (t/h) d ~ (kn) ew/e i.d.

t/h ere is no spirit -i- n/n- (i-) t- a- g- i-ve- (i) t ~ 0/0 t/h (a) d ew/e i.d.

i had another frisbee for min 0, it is called 'jawz', it is indestructible, non chewable, & it glows in the dark. we don't usually use it, as it is heavier. Since it is still nice weather in November, we really should prioritize playing frisbee. Min 0 is getting used to the weight...


your-e-(w/e-) d-0- fucking emotions don't mate or matter (h) e ad ew/e i.d. e/b (i) t (h) rue w/e (L/L) i.d.

t (h) e/n (d) e/e d (0) L (h)(b) e (a)d ~ (e/b t) 0ff 0'r (a) m e (in/n) g/g ~ 0/d e/b (i) t (a) g r e/e (n) d

e/b t 0/0 L (b) e (n) d (kn) ew/e r (h) e AD ~ ew/e i.d. e/b (i) t (h) rue w/e (L/L) i.d.


the right person will never make you wait, will never make you worry, will never confuse (ye) w/e i.d.


i tell min 0 : i love you

i' L/L (D) 0 v (i) e (ye) w/e i.d.

i/s le (a) d (h) 0 v (i) e (ye) w/e i.d.


i/s L (h) e (a) d

i/s L (h)(b) e (a) d (h) 0 v (i) e (ye) w/e i.d.


i would like to wipe out cheap

to pay whole price with whole being

is (t/h) e g/g 0(0) d ecology e i.d.

e/b (i) t 0/0 L (b) e (n) d (s) 0 (w/) h (ea.ven) d s t (h) e AD


well, it actually makes you look like a charlatan, speaking for a spirituality ye-we- are not actually representing t 0/0 t/h (a) d ew/e i.d. ~ (s) 0 (w/) h (ea.ven) d ~ 0/u (be) t 0/0 L (h)(b) a'n (d) k (t) i/t h (r) e ad

f~ L a s/s h e (a) d

guild to s (e) i z e (i) d ~ ew/e i.d.


i work with zero eros

i s (p) e a (k) t (h/d) 0ff 0'r (k) t (0) w/h 0 with (a) d z e r 0 (0) s (t) e i.d. ~ (s) ew/e i.d.

h and (h) i don't give a flying fuck a-b-(0-) u- t/t- (y-) 0-u-r- e- domesticated - (e-) s- (h-) i-re- d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d-

sh- i- t/t- e- r- (h-) e- ad- e/b- (i-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d-

s- (h-) i- t/t- e- r- (h-) e- ad- (g-) ew/e- (i-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d- (j-) u-d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d-

faith of a mustard seed

f a (i) t ~ h (d) 0ff a m(e) u/s t a rd (s) e/e d (s) 0'L (D) e g/g 0 (a) L/L (e) D e/b (i) t (b) ass (kn) 0 w/e (L/L) i.d. ~ (h) i.d. e w/e i.d.

f (a) i/t ~ h (a) d (e/b t) 0ff (i x) i/t ~ 0/0 t/h (a) d ew/e i.d. (j) 0 b (r) e (a) d e/p t (h) rue w/e (L/L) i.d.

faith 0f a m(e) u/s t a rd (s) e/a d (kn) e/e d ew/e i.d.

e ye (i.d. 0) fxf 0'r (h) an (d) e ye i.d.

e ye i.d. (0) fxf 0 r e/i (g) n

e ye (i.d. 0) fxf 0'r e/i (g) n (d) kn ew/e (L/L) i.d. ~ (h) e (a) ve (in)n (d) kn (0/d) ew/e (ad) s


man i fe (a) s/s (k) t

m(e) an (d kn) i/f e (a) s/s (k) t (h) rue w/e (L/L) i.d. e/b (i) t 0/0 t/h (a) d ew/e i.d.

the flow follows (d) 0 w/e (i) d (s) 0 w/e L/L (h) D (s) 0'L (e i) D (g) 0 (a) L/L (e) D ~ e/b (i) t (h)(b) ass (kn) 0 w/e (L/L) D ~ (h) i.d. (h)(bu) e ye (i) t (h) rue w/e (L/L) i.d.

whole value for whole value w/e i.d.(kn) ~ ew/e i.d.

s- (h-) i- t/t- e- (ye-) at- (b-) ass- (k- t-) 0/0- t- (h-) e/n- d- (h-) 0- c- (h-) 0/m- (p-) (L-) e- at- 0/0- t- h- (r-) e- ad- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- (j-) 0-b- Lack- t- h- a- (n-) d- (j-) 0- b- (e-) L/L- (D-) e- (ye-) w/e- (re-) d- (j-) u-d- (g-) e- w/e- (re-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d- (h-) i-d- (h-)(bu-) e- ye- (i-) t- (he-ad-) 0-f-x-f- (t-) 0-r- (k-) t- (b-) u/n- (d-) ew/e- (re-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (b-) u- s- (h-) e- L/L-(h-)(D-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (b-) ass- (k-) t- (b-) 0/n- (d-)(kn-) ew/e- (re-) (d-) s- t- (h-) and- e/b- (i-) t- (h-)(b-) 0- ye- w/00- d-(s-) u-d- e- w/e- i-d- (s-) u/n- (d-) e- re- (d-) s- (t-) 0- (0-) D- (s-) 0- w/- (c-) 0- (u-) L- (0-r-e-) D- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d-

t heir is kn 0 w/e (i.d. 0) f x f 0'r t (u/n) e '

n d - (h-)(f-) e-a- r- e- d-

ew/e i.d.

i'm tired of doing your-e-d- bidding, wile- ye-we- re- never (h) e a L/L i'v e (in/n) g/g t/h e (i) r e

i speak & seat (f) 0'r t h (2) 0 ~ d e w/e i.d.


d-(b-) u- b/b- L- (h-)(b-) e- (a-) d- (0-) b-(re-ad-) u- f/f- e- (e-) d-

navy (marine) piper mule, cole haan, doesn't look attractive on my feet. i am too flat footed, so i am returning / i am not keeping them.


s-he- (i/s-) t- was keeping the 'him' from me (w/e) i.d. so that s-he- (i/s-) t- (h-) c- 0- (u-) L- (0-r-e-) D- get (h) rue w/e (L/L) i.d. (-?-) e/b (i) t (h) at (u) s -he- (i/s-) t- d- (h-) i-d (kn) 0/t (h) ass (m) e/n d (h)(bu) e ye (i) t h (ea.ven) d ~ (s) ew/e i.d.

this has all been a -g- (0-d-) am- e- (n-) d- (h-) 0-ve- (re-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d-

& frankly, i don't want, "now" to "love" you know, what ye-w/e- (re-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- i don't want what ye-w/e- (i-) t- (0-) w/- h0- (re-) d- (h-) a- (L/L-) ve- i-d-

i'm completely fine with your- e/e- (L-) D- (h-) 0-ve- (re-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (b-) ass- (k-) t- a- g- (e- re- g-) (L-) 0-ve- (re-) d- (g-) ew/e- (Re-) d-

your christ doesn't need your church, your religion, your fucking prayer -e- d- e/b- (i-) t- (h-) ass- (p-)(r-) a- ye- (re-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- sending hand spending -0-d- (h-) 0- p-e- (n-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d- (jesus-) e- w/e- (re-) dud- ew/e- i-d-

be the heir here (a) t (h) rue w/e (L/L) i.d. h (b) a'n (d) kn ew/e (L/L) i.d. ~ (h) i.d. e w/e i.d. ~ (j) 0 b (p)~(L) e at (h) e r (h) e AD e/b t 0/0 L (b) e (n) d (kn) ew/e (ad) s ~


so i bought this : i treated myself.

i really don't need more jumpsuits / bodysuits / overalls / coveralls.

it has been my thing for several years, to be inclined towards 'one step dressing' both for the gym and civilian / casual clothes.

after buying / trying several brands, i know i like the vaara fabric, and that extremely pleasing fabric interests me to start. ie , i can sew, i can design, i can make these clothes i see, i can make clothing for me.

i choose to buy, in that i know, the fabric has an elevated quality, which, having so many active wear clothing already, i want to prioritize my knowing value : (again s) the fabric, to start. I also like the classic black and white, paired with timeless designs (the boat neck, v neck, tuxedo stripes) always look sharp and invigorating, even in a resting state.

now, i bought the (vaara) bike short / body suit ... with the intention to lengthen, by attaching nude mesh, nylon 4 way power stretch, legs. ok : so i will make it a full length body suit, that looks like a shorty short.

honestly, i am comfortable with that as an older woman. I think it is a smooth look. I have one cone of nude thread, i purchased to make nude mesh leggings, previously. you know, as a sample idea. I will probably use these leggings, cut them up and refashion then on the vaara romy shortie bodysuit, or see, if joannes, locally, is still carrying the nylon / nude 4 way power mesh (they have / had polyester last time i checked). The one cone of nude thread i have , I can buy more to run the threads simultaneously on my serger, however, i would rather, hand spin threads onto 3 other cones, so i get 4 in total, to sew the new seams of the legs, and ankle hem. the serger can run on 3 threads, 4 provides a straight safety stitch right behind the first straight stitch. the other 2 are top and bottom cover / so you finish the edge as it is cut thru the blade, as you sew.

i bought the celestine, eyelet, nylon / spandex top, to get free shipping.

again, a splurge, in one sense (i have plenty of workout wear / one pieces), however a self defining with self knowing direction, to start prioritizing (with my experience of shopping) what really suits me, preferentially.

the vaara black fabric, is super black, super mat. a small detail, to perhaps notice and prioritize (over -(t-) a- perpetually trendy zone) that actually lends a lot of quality / a lot of clarity to any silhouette, thus inducing for me, 'classic quality.' the white is solid too, opaque, adding heightened contrast and clarity to the whole visual experience.

i also like that it stretches well. washes well, and reshapes in whole.

nude thread, b.c. it would show thru the mesh.

nude thread to match the fabric and skin

i'm fixated on wanting pointy / pointed shoes ...

i am thinking now, to find a pointy pump shoe, with a back, not a sling, not backless, not a mule. must have good arch support, and be comfortable to wear and walk in.

i don't know, i want pointy shoes, but i don't feel the need to 'buy' them.

i like vionic / kitten heel, pointy shoes, known for a good arch. i am looking at shoes.com b.c. they sent me a 30% off coupon. however, the coupon doesn't work on vionic, and i can pay for them whole price, but ... i can do that at any time i want too, so there is no need to pay for them, to buy them now, t a'p/p (L) e a s/s e a coupon, you know... i can safely wait for a design that moves me.


i already told rich i loved him : www.preem0.com

he took me, my love for granted./ didn't belive me

also didn't ch 0 (0) s (t) e i.d.

i'm kn 0/t taking your re-(d-)sent-me-(n-)t- on my back eve r

chew the grass, stand on the cut

st (h) and 0 (n) t (h c) u ~ t 0/0 t/h (a) d ew/e i.d.

big apple

b i/g (r) a p/p (e/a) L/L e

gjetost and apple

apple and gejtost


s (e) i z e (n) d ~ e/b (i) t 0/0 t (h) a (i') L/L (e) D ew/e i.d.


b (r) e (a) d h and (0) bu t/t (h) e r (h) e AD

size / glue = c(d) 0/h e s i've (i) t 0/0 t/h (a) d ew/e i.d.


why do i watch tarot ?

tarot or soap operas.

((what do ye-we- i.d.- (s-) 0- wan-t- (a) me t- 0- (a-) d- ew/e- i-d- ))

I am reviewing scenarios of relatedness,- a- w/-h0- L- (e-) D- (h-) in- (d-) g- e- g-g- (0-) pat- (b-) urn- d- (h-) at- (a- b-) e- (a-) s/s- (k-) t- (h-) ass- (n-) a- ke- (n-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d-

(ew/e-) d- (0-) f- i/c- t- (i-) 0/n- a- (i-) L/L- (h-) D- e/b- t- (a-b-) u- s- (t-) e- i-d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d-

didn't believe me when i said i love id you, then i carried (e) ye w/e i.d. to no p (0) in t (h/d) 0 fxf (t) a (i) r (h) e ad (0) v(e) i e w/e i.d. ~ e/b (i) t (h) rue w/e (L/L) i.d.

ye-we- are not going to judge me on w/- h- at- e- ye- w/e- (re-) d- put me on a blind pursuit (0) fxf 0'r (h) e ad n0 re a (d) s/s (h) 0/n e (ye) at 0/0

t/h a (n) d (kn) ew/e i.d.

i'm then advocating, make your work / working worth, transparent 0/0 L (b) e (n) d (kn) ew/e i.d. ~ (h) 0/n e s/s (t) e L/L (h) e ye (i.d. e/b ) t (h) rue w/e (L/L) i.d.

notes :in/n e (n e) me (ye) i.d. s (L) e (e) per (e) at (b) e L/L (h) e (ye) AD


c a r (h) e (a) L/L (t/h b~ L) e (a) s/s ~ (t) 0/0 t/h (a) d ew/e i.d.

c a r e (a) L/L e s/s (t) i' L/L (e) D ew/e i.d.

being allowed

be i/n g (t/h) a L/L (D) 0 w/e i.d. ~ ew/e i.d.

(h) i.d. (h) e ye (i.d.) p (c) a in t 0/0 t/h (a) d ew/e i.d.

(h) i.d. (h) e ye (i.d.) p (c) a in t 0/0 t (h) rue w/e (L/L) i.d. ~ h (b) a'n (d) kn (0/d) ew/e (ad) s ~

i don't need t-(b-) u- s- h- a- r- e- d- i/t- he- re- d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d-

saying the apparently right things wile sending - (t-) i- m/m- e- (n-) d- e/b- t- (h-) in- (d-) e/e- d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d-

g-im-me- m- (e-) in- (d-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- (i-) t- (h-)(b-) ass- (k-) t- a- g- (0-d-) e- w/e- (re-) d-

h and i'm e i.d. e/b t (b) 0/n (d) e/e d (0) L (h)(b) e (a) d (h) 0/m e (w/e) i.d. ~ (0) n a/u t (0 p) i' L/L (e AD) 0/t

ye-w/e- as a red character -e-d- (b-) a- r- e- (d-) standing-0-d- e/b- t- (b-) ass- k- (r-?-) ew/e- (re-?-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- e/b- (i-) t- 0/0- t- h- a- (L/L-) ve- (i-) t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d- (j-) u-d-(g-) e- w/e- (re-) d- (s-) 0- wile- never loving in follow thru e w/e i.d.


i like these boots very much ...

bone (beige) on black / beige (bone) on black, utterly modern and classic at the same time

reminds me of a short version of the go/go boot

my reservation to purchase / i ask myself where / when i would wear them : answer, i wear them for myself. this is a shoe i would wear just for me, & i can create the opportunity to just be.


i haven't done anything with my abcess, b.c. it doesn't hurt, and with the ups and downs of t- work-t- , i am concerned with 1. having padding in my bank account, and 2, adding padding to my bank acct.

free consultation about implants. b.c. i have a 60% chance a root canal will work, which means i will have to chase an implant.

currently, doing nothing seems like an fundamental choice to me. the abcess stays small, 1/4 inch, and doesn't bother me. I have gotten used to the sucking sensation on (transferred nerve) the tooth above it, which ironically, has a root canal, and no nerve, and i should have no sensation there.

any way, my health is not impaired, so doing nothing, while i investigate options, to consider at some point, seems like the only worth while thing to do, while i earn money .../ while i keep on earning money.


i looked up "spirit wife / spirit husband", it is like that and not like that. the term has a very religious interpretation ie "hand in hand"

not being able to go for reward, does place a problem of looking back, that didn't for reward t h at ~ 0/0 t/h (a) d ew/e i.d.

no religion has ever pass (k) t (h) at 0/0 L (e) ass (k) t (h) e (a) d (s) 0 w/(c) 0 (u) L (0 re A) D ~ ew/e i.d. ~ e/b (i) t (h) rue w/e (L/L) i.d. ~ (h) i.d. (h)(bu) e ye (i) t (b) u ~


i forgive ye-w/-(h-) e- (a-) t- (0-) w/- (h-) 0-r- (e-) d- ye-we- can't give (i) t/h e (a) v (e) a L/L (h) u e w/e i.d.

i think this "term" is - (m-) a- id- (e/b-t-)(h-ass-) up- e- (n-) d- (j-) 0- b-(u-e-) ye- i-d- people that never ever e g/g a ve (i) t/h e value w/e i.d. ~ ew/e i.d. e/b (i) t (h) rue w/e (L/L) i.d.


stealing attention by stalling, t- h- at- (h-) e- t- didn't deserve i.d. ~ ew/e i.d.

i met someone at the gym, he wore a hoodie, we talked about , or i talked about, micellar casein protein. he knew about it.

there was no 'vibe' no draw of attraction, just 'jawing' with someone while passing thru

i met him later, or he met me, outside throwing frisbee with min 0, & he stopped to meet & ask about min 0 and throw frisbee too... min 0 wasn't attracted to him, hardly noticed him, even when i directed min 0 to him, which is again, very unusual.

he wasn't someone i anticipated meeting, & i didn't feel i put out there to attract, and while i assessed the energy footprint and marker as 'non descript' / plain, in leaving, i am subtly curious about the notion of open & natural unfoldment ... b.c. we did relate, on points that naturally lifted the folds of personality... and while it wasn't anticipated, like a 'wish fulfillment' draw already in my brain, relating was very fresh in (d) ew/e i.d. // it was very easy and a good place to st a r (k) t ~ 0/0 t/h (a) d ew/e i.d.


"suck" b.c. t- he- ye- id- don't supply e (i) t (0) f/f 0'r (k) t heir (h) e (ad) s (t) e L/L (fxf) t

a few days ago, my palm plant started shedding leaves. i thru it away today. i'm not trying to nurture it. a few days before a few days ago, i was thinking of rearranging my potted plants in 'trapez0' the wall unit i made for a plant jungle ... and then i decided not to move anything ... then the mass shedding ...


look, it is not ok, to have me do all the working w/0'r (t/h) d . i am not seeking your- e- (d-) co- (re-) depencency-e- (n-) d- 0-(f-) t- (h-) e/n- (d-)(g-) ew/e-(re-) d-

not "one" not "t-(0-) w/- h0-"

"egg" me on, pretending ye-we- had desire all along t 0/0 L e g/g (t) i/t (h) rue w/e (L/L) i.d.


a lot of manipulation, distorted, emotionally immature, brutal in connecting and detaching, emotionless, playing an emotional trick : first thing i looked at this morning 11/11

feel like they are right but are actually wrong

manipulate b.c. i gave them a chance

john hollands north node is in leo. he recycles false emotions s- (p-) i-r- (e-) i/t- u- all-(d-)(h-) i- t/t- (b-) e- (ye-) at- 0/0- t- h- (r-) e- ad- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d-

s- (t-) u- (r-) f-x-f- e- re- (d-) in- n- (e-) g-g- 0- d- (e/b-t-) 0-f-x-f- (t- h-) i-r- (e-d-) s- t- suffering -0-d- h- and- stuffering -0-d- 0- (f-) t- h- (f-) i-r- (e-d-) s- t- (he-ad-) d- (0-) L- (h-)(b-) e- (a-) d- e/b- t- (b-) a- g- (0-d-) e-a-r- (t- he-re-) d- (b-) (re-ad-) (be-d-) s- erve- (re-) d- giving t- he- g-g- 0-(0-) d-e/b- t- (0-f-x-f-) 0/0- L- (e-) a- w/-he-ye- (a-) t- 0/0- t- he- re- (a-) t- (b-) a- (i-) L/L- (h-) e- (ye-) at- retailate - vain- n- (d-)(h-) at- (h-)(bu-) e- ye- (a-) t- 0ff- t- (h-) ass- (p-)(L-) at- e/n- t- (h-) rue- w/e- (re-) d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d- 0- (f-) t- (f-) 0-r- (k-) t- (b-) u/n- (d-) ew/e- (re-) d-

to me, tarot, at the very least, is people that deserted sussing the follow thru, and instead, opt to give a - s-s- L- (0-ve-) i- ce- d- e/b- (i-) t- hie- ven- d- (g-) ew/e- (re-) d-

t-he-ye- are not really the honest movers and shakers h ear (t/h) d ~ ew/e i.d.

telling you to be nice on their channel ("water baby tarot") or go 'some where else' t- (h-) at- he- ye- are not providing 0/d e/b (i) t (h) ass (n) a ke (n) d (j) 0 bu e ye (i) t (h) rue w/e (L/L) i.d.

ye-we- t- (0-) w/- (h-) 0- r- (e-) d- ew/e- (re-) d- s- "you 2 dud-e-s-" didn't provide an honest hole (ye a) t (h) rue w/e (L/L) i.d. ~ ew/e i.d.


he-t- is prioritizing being an attention - (h-) 0-r- e- (a-) d- e/b- t- he-t- didn't (y) e a r (e) n d




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